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A favorite teacher of Part of Us

In this blog chose to challenge the teacher Patricia (teacher of 6 and 8 years), we chose it because we think she is a charismatic person, committed, cheerful, and above all a great teacher! When nodes Part of us had classes with her express our doubts and soon after they were resolved, the evidence we had as many difficulties as we had before having classes with her. One of the factors that helped terms that intimacy with Patricia was the fact that she had on the first day of class she supported us and something we will not forget that she is always speaking on the eve of the race that it was easy, which soothed agent and made ​​us more relaxed to carry proof! It is worth saying that the last day of class we were talking and Patricia and discovering more about our teacher, was a great day to be remembered fondly as a teacher (that's the hardest substance in our opinions) turns a BIG girlfriend!!!!!