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What we saw of Glee!

As you may already know the Glee Project took place on November 9 and among all groups were in the 4th to present. Nervousness, fear of failure, the heart in overdrive, legs trembling, the heart and out the mouth, also have to face an audience where everyone was aware of what we were going to do on that stage, they were a the feelings and thoughts that went through our head.
Before going on stage, the group joined hands and we try to calm ourselves with positive words and thinking about all the effort that the group had to give their best.
Onstage tried not to look at the audience but to a fixed point, with that we can interact with the music and shake the audience.
The Glee as a whole was an amazing experience that we will surely lead to lifelong learning as a valuable, we only had the opportunity to participate thanks to our beloved teacher of English Andreia, who gave his best so that everything would go as planned.
With everything we want to make it clear here that it was a pleasure to work alongside great people who taught us that we were there mainly to have fun, and so we were in fourth place, but many satisfied because all groups deserved to be among the first place, so we said goodbye this blog that was very important to disclose all our effort we had with this wonderful work: The Glee Project.
Thanks for everything and everyone that visited our blog!
By: Roberta Manetta and Jessica Rodrigues