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Blues and Jazz


The blues has origined in Africa, where the tradition is passed from father to son. In the United States of America the Blues was always deeply attached to african-american culture, especially the cotton plantations of slaves who used the song, packaging and suffered their endless hours of work.
The hall of instruments that make up the orchestra, a blues band there are the following instruments: brass (trumpet, trombone and saxophone), string (bass, acoustic or electric guitar, banjo, guitar and cello), keyboard (piano and keyboard), percussion (drums and others).


Jazz is a musical art form originating in the United States of America that was to influence the blues. Such a demonstration would have emerged by the early twentieth century in the U.S. region of New Orleans and its vicinity, and in popular culture and creativity of black communities living there one of his most important areas of development.
Jazz's main instruments drums, bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, and trumpet.

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